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The Internet makes job hunting a waste of time

The problem with the modern job search is the web itself. I applied to whole foods in November 2011. It was their site-their colors and all. I went about filling out the basic stats.

Next, the section of unrelated and frankly dumb questions. None dumber than “what would I cook for a special guest”?  I was applying for the driving job.

They asked the same question on all applications even the one for raw food handling. I couldn’t understand the point of the question. Yes whole foods is the gourmet shopping center but like all businesses there is a nuts and bolts side. Name your favorite thing-the business of creating it has the numbers people, the fix it people, on and on. But there’s one more oddity in this.

Apparently I was not applying to whole foods but to a govt/city program called Workforce NY. I only knew this after I got a call to show up in Harlem. I didn’t think that was weird I thought isn’t there a WF up there?  Yet the address they gave me didn’t match where I thought should be.

Sure enough it was Workforce’s office. So what’s with the bait and switch? Why didn’t I know this before I applied? In any event I went to Workforce and did a group interview (which I havent done in about 15 years) then in groups of four we did mock scenarios of a day at work for whole foods.  Mind you the Workforce staff are not recruiters for whole foods and will not make the choice to hire you.

What of the role-playing is pertinent to the jobs we want? Once we left I went about waiting the 2 weeks mentioned in the group interview (there was one-on-one interviews no more than two minutes long all it accomplished was that either you did or didn’t have bad breath).

Soon two weeks turned to 3, 5 then on the 6th week I thought about calling WF but I didn’t interview with them it was with Workforce. So I back tracked my emails. In the signature they had posted their Facebook link.  I left a detailed message about basically being ignored. However before I did this I found out new info. On a hunch I searched for whole foods site on my phone. A completely different looking website splashed on the screen. I searched for the job I applied to some two months ago-it was still there. Someone at whole foods acted on my thoughts.

Why are we going through a 2nd party to hire people?  So I re-applied. Sure enough the stupid question of what would I cook was removed. I never got the job. Yet I stayed with whole foods “official” website. About three days later workforce who never apologized for failing to give me a status update released some over thought and half-baked response about whole foods going in a different direction.  You don’t say?

That’s the issue with the internet and job hunting even legit firms and government institutions get lazy and take the easy way out.  I still think the jury is out with web-based job searches. It’s an algorithm that matches you not a person. Firms cry about having to look over “so many resumes in one day” well what the hell do you think is going to happen if you post a job on the internet?  If I post “I have a new Playstation 4 you want it well then write me a letter to let me know why you should get it”.  I’ll be here to Playstation 12 comes out reading emails.

I don’t feel sorry for HR reps with a secure job with, paid vacations and benefits that sit at a desk for eight hours looking at a computer screen.  You know it’s a job the same thing those 500 people whom you loathe to screen want. Stop whining and actually try to hire people who are willing to work.


Why so quiet?

So why has this blog been dormant since 2009. One word. Economy. Hours get chopped, then laid off then evicted will kinda put things into perspective. But wait there’s more then there was the lame and I do mean lame junk removal job that I took on once I relocated to a new neighborhood.

Checks came in strong but four months in they dropped off by oh I think like 70%. Stellar. Not sure who you know can sustain their career in the toughest of art forms when facing this kind of garbage. Even more strange is the silly “showbiz advice” I have been given. It’s as if I havent tried the things thrown at me, I am sorry if your sound advice means nothing in my world. Well that’s how I have felt. People assumed my stagnation was just my attitude or perspective I need to own the moment is some of the stupid stuff I heard. Bupkis

All of this new age Knute Rockne crap sounds like people who never were in my boat or at least not as an adult. I dont really care you were in the same boat at 11 years old-that was your parents issues not yours.

At this point I will not of be seen in whatever light people want to shine on me since we all know its a smoke screen because before the grace of God…really we all think we are “different” aka exempt until your “different” ass is caught up in the new economy’s spin cycle.

Since 2009 its been one huge set back after another and things are not really that much better. From here on I will be detailing the odyssey that is my film career. Many assume success in film is all about aggression and being better than the next film maker and much of that is pure garbage. Its about a support system and really some fortune-that you must exploit to the point of abuse.  Just look at the names of the people your fellow film makers shout out, they don’t say “if it wasn’t for me and me alone none of this would happen” also I bet they weren’t contemplating living in homeless shelters during all of this success.  Stability goes a long way.

Truth artist think they are above the fray. I can never tell you why the film makers you know are unemployed.  Most of us spent four years around nothing but film people other than NCAA D1 athletes I am not sure who has a bigger ego in college. I say its time for artist to work any job they can get that is steady and allows them to earn good bank. Get a CDL, dont just shack up with your lover or friends, check out a training program for something like security guard or electrician. Why? Its a job and its recession proof, every building you enter in this Orwellian age has a guard posted and yea the lights are on and the automatic door-opens. So instead of crying that “no one” (and “no one” means the lofty post production company that hasn’t EVER responded to any resume you have sent them) is hiring get a real job and use it to build a team. These jobs are not all puffed up, guards guard, truck drivers drive trucks but I have no idea what some of these other jobs want. I worked in print but its was titled “Customer Service Representative”. Point blank even getting a job at a supermarket is now uber specialized they all want “superstars” with a history of customer service. Sorry if you really have a history of customer service experience in retail you don’t want to be anything but an underpaid worker for a billion dollar corporation. Dont get caught up in this prima donna service based no more than $11/hr hyperbole jobs. Get a real job to sustain your film career, plumbing, cutting hair, heck I am still considering getting a TLC. Pimp the jobs before they pimp you.  In every job app you sign it clearly says without any reason they can terminate you if that aint pimping 101 I dont know what is.

I have worked in a print office in a global international bank that led to me losing one apartment then the “real” job at a the junk company has cost me another pad. I am now moving into a new direction. The first is to get a steady job and finally get into voice over (again a job that aint going nowhere and is what the title say its is), I have no idea how to list my “wins” on resumes, what the hell does that mean anyway? You need me I got the skills, I’m hired.  Gotta get away from these smart dumb jobs like now.

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